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Kyle's Platform

Here are the issues I want to focus on in this term:

Classical Music Players
Pride Flags

Music in Schools


I believe music is a fundamental part of public education, and I will work to see that these essential programs continue to be offered and improved. We know that music education will face ongoing threats due to budget constraints, but student instruction should be the last area where cuts are ever felt.

First Nations Reconciliation


Our District must continue the important work of reconciliation with the Esquimalt, Songhees, Métis, and urban Indigenous nations so we know all kids have an opportunity for success here. As School Trustee I will strive to make this a central part of the District's work.

Responsible Fiscal Management


Sound management of the District's tangible assets and budgets is a key factor for its ongoing success. My background in urban planning and real estate project management will help me contribute to this important issue. I will bring this experience to bear on significant real property issues our District faces in the future.


Image credit: SD61, from: Burnside.jpg (2016×1512) (

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI)


Providing a great learning environment requires us to make sure that all students feel welcome, included and safe at our schools. Educating kids about the different kinds of families, gender identities and sexualities that people can have is an important part of that. I support those topics being taught in schools, and I support SOGI 123.

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