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Musician. Urban Planner. Single Dad of Two. School Board Trustee Candidate.

I have a passion for music and for local governance, and I have two young children who will be students in SD61 within the next few years.

My belief in the importance of music in schools comes from first hand experience. As a middle school student, I learned how having music in public schools can be one of the key factors in a young person's success and development. I did not excel at sports in school, and I was not a straight-A student either. When I had the opportunity to join Band in grade 8 though, it was the first time I was able to truly excel at something and the first time I felt that I found "my people" in the Band Hall. This was so important for me as a young person to develop my self-confidence, find my place in the world, and find a productive outlet for my energy. I want this generation of students to have the same, or better, opportunities than I did to experience the formative nature of music in public schools. My passion for music continues to the present day, and I now sing in Pacific Opera Victoria's chorus as well as a community choir, The Choir YYJ.

Professionally, I work as an urban planner at the municipal level, and I previously did policy work and real estate project management for the Provincial government. This professional experience has given me a strong background in the legislative context of the School Board, expertise in policy formulation, and the capability to stay level headed in stressful and contentious contexts. I hold a Master of City Planning degree and a Bachelor of English Literature.

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